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Live Preview as you type...

Presumably you have been using WebCraft now and know what the fuss over the live preview if all about - so we won't sing it's praises no longer! That said, we challenge you to move back to a conventional text editor and see how you get on without it... :o)


By far the most powerful feature in WebCraft (after live preview of course!), if the Insertions function. This is quite underused, but by far the most time-saving device of the whole application.

The basic idea is that you create your own identifying tags (marked by [] characters), which correspond to collections of HTML of your choice. For example - [options] could include all the code needed to replicate a menu from one webpage to another.

The benefits of this are felt with large websites with numerous webpages. Even this relativly small site benefits - you can change a link on the side menu in seconds what would normally take the best part of 15 minutes before (which often would have resulted in a few mistakes on the way I might add)!

Of course, you can use frames, but you may not be developing a frame based site and even if you were - you can still replicate page headers and footers to cut your work load down.


Similar to Insertions these are aimed more at single snippets of either HTML code or colour hex codes. With them, you can easily change the colours across an entire website, or perhaps the font - or maybe a phrase of the day.

Alternativly, you could use style sheets - but these are not compaitable with all browsers, nor as flexible.

No More File Menu!

Well, not quite - you'll still need it sometimes! But now you can easily switch between which documents you are editing by clicking the links within the pages themselves. This will then open up both the page, and the HTML source. Clearly this is a much faster way to work - and you're testing the site as you do so!

Other Benefits

If you have followed the tutorial, you should have already encountered the Quick HTML and Selection Functions - more tricks to reduce your work load. All of these, including many of the other functions - are fully customizable, so you can add your own time saving shortcuts.

Check back to the main WebCraft home page now for a full up-to-date summary of the features that make this one of the most handy authoring tools available!
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