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Web Design: at32 Webcraft

at32 Webcraft

Live HTML Rendering
as you edit the source

shortcuts for common tasks

Reduce HTML duplication with
insertions and variables

Easily manage large websites

Various display options

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[ Learning HTML with at32 Webcraft ]

We have developed a number of websites over the past few years - a combination of static HTML pages and more than enough CGI / PERL, ASP and ISAPI "live" websites.

Each and every one was wrote by hand in Notepad, something which surprised even ourselves - but no claimed "alternative" products was as pure or effective as the old trusty Microsoft freebie - and we long abandoned WYSIWYG editors due to clunkyness and not being immediate.

The downside of course, was that Notepad is non visual - after editing the HTML source, we save then open in our browser. The whole process wasn't quite quick enough - and often there would be mistakes which were difficult to spot in something like a complex table.

at32 Webcraft

Enter our little program. It features a text editor which is almost identical in operation to Notepad (plus a few bonus shortcuts and other goodies)...

...but the killer feature is that a separate pane holds an IE Window that is updated live as you type - offering all the benefits that a visual WYSIWYG editor offers, with the unrestricted and immediate power of raw code editing.

It's perfect for both pro's and newbies alike too - we've been told it's a great learning aid for those starting out with HTML!

Work More Efficiently

Aside from the obvious removal of the edit-save-open-view cycle, one bonus side effect that we did not envisage was the way we can now navigate multi-page websites easily.

Simply by clicking on a link in the preview pane - we can automatically switch from one document to the other as the correct source HTML is loaded into the edit pane.

We hardly ever need to use the File / Open menu anymore, and having a separate instance of Notepad open for each document is a thing of the past!

  • HTML pages rendered live as you edit the source
  • Navigate large sites the way the user does - click a link in the preview pane, and the source is automatically loaded in the edit window!
  • Quick HTML function which can customized to easily write common HTML strings quickly
  • Customizable selection modifier - e.g. highlight some existing text, click a link and turn it into a hyper link
  • Variables - avoid the use of CSS by using replacement strings to assign variables to easily duplicate and change colours and fonts
  • Insertions system - if each page needs the same header, footer or page layout - you can write these parts separately and they will be inserted into the code
  • Need to add a new menu link to every page of the site? A single insertions button does it all!
  • Enhanced text editor with no restrictions on maximum file size
  • Optional syntax highlighting
  • Customizable shortcuts and tools for the way YOU work
  • Multiple monitor support - have a LIVE preview screen on one screen, and full page source on the other
  • [ Free Download | Register ]

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