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Server Tool: at32 Reverse Proxy

at32 Reverse Proxy

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  • If you're making use of the Regular Expression functions, you should download this test application (199kb) which allows you enter various test strings and expressions. Ideal unless you're already fluent in the syntax!

  • Version History
  • v1.030.316 - Issue involving URI whitespace under certain conditions corrected.
  • v1.030.303 - Addresses bug introduced in 301.
  • v1.030.302 - Resolved a small bug regarding URL encoding.
  • v1.030.301 - Improved support for authentication. Added ability to pass client IP in header.
  • v1.030.224 - Resolved an issue which occurred in certain situations when performing a http post to ASP or PHP pages.
  • v1.030.222 - Added support to deal with Web Server 3xx responses and the HTTP header Location field. Fixed bug in Regular Expression processing.
  • v1.030.221 - Added ability to bind to specific IP address. Revised debug mode to include headers returned from web server and sent to client after being processed by Reverse Proxy, as well as the URI.
  • v1.030.220 - Added the ability to direct HTTP traffic based on IP. Added debug mode to aid setting up of Reverse Proxy with multiple rules.
  • v1.030.218 - The last release introduced a new bug where the HTTP User Agent field was altered to simply Mozilla Compaitable. This update fixes this issue and also adds options to allow you to manually override the clients browser value yourself if so desired.
  • v1.030.216 - Fixed the following bugs:
    1) Clicking UPDATE in the Stat tab locked the application under heavy loads.
    2) Certain web servers would make the Reverse Proxy respond with a time out error on a regular basis.
    3) The tray icon would often go astray, making the Windows menu functions inaccessible.
    4) Sometimes Reverse Proxy would not disconnect from the web server until it timed out.
  • v1.030.109 - Resolved a bug where if you created a rule pointing to a webserver and you did not include "http://", a crash would result. The admin interface now simply corrects this automatically if you forget to include http://.
  • v1.021.223 - Fixed bug with display of tray icon. Also now possible to perform RE on URI+Query.
  • v1.021.220 - First public release.

  • Troubleshooting
  • The documentation which comes with the downloaded application should carry all the latest hints. If you're having problems we can provide support via our contact web form - though a speedy response for miscellaneous and complex networking problems is not feasible.

  • Known Bugs
  • None.

  • Limitations
  • The software is recommended for use with Windows NT/2000/XP systems. It will run on computers using Win9x, but this OS is not entirely suitable in the reverse proxy role.
  • The software will currently not work with HTTPS traffic. However, please consider that HTTPS operates on a different port (443) to normal HTTP traffic (80). For most networks, this should not present a problem as in practice a single existing HTTPS server is more than flexible enough for most needs.
    Update: Users have reported using Balance to forward HTTPS requests to the web server, leaving Reverse Proxy to handle conventional web traffic.

  • Credits

    Jules Hatton (programming), Andrey V. Sorokin (RE library), Ray Barnett (provision of test environment)