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at32,Wyn32 2002
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Server Tool: at32 Reverse Proxy

at32 Reverse Proxy

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at32 Reverse Proxy allows you to host several websites on a single IP or port.


  • Connect several web servers to the Internet sharing a single or limited number of IP's. This makes it possible to host several websites on multiple machines without each having their own Internet IP address.
  • Run several web server applications on a single PC. at32 Reverse Proxy allows them to share a single port. e.g. run IIS, Apache or a custom made web server all on the same PC.
  • Combine web content. Seamlessly fuse together several IP's and ports on one or more machines into a single output for either one or more websites.
  • Firewall. Use at32 Reverse Proxy as a relay to access a web server across a network without the web server actually being connected to the Internet.
  • Reverse Hosting / Virtual Hosting. Direct requests to individual servers or locations using the powerful rule functions.
  • Activation Conditions. It is possible to control the flow of traffic by a variety of HTTP header fields. As a simple example you may wish to direct traffic for to one server, and traffic to to a different server application entirely.
  • Spread the Load. Using the activation conditions it is possible to spread traffic across many servers according to the task. You may wish to host .ASP scripts on one server for example - and have images servered from another. The important issue is that this configuration can be changed seamlessly within seconds allowing for a transparent end user experience. Great for developing or websites undergoing a change.
  • Alter requests on the fly. at32 Reverse Proxy supports Regular Expressions allowing you to modify user request header fields live and transparently to the server. This allows you to implement URI/URL rewriting for example (see below).
  • Alter responses on the fly. Similar to altering requests, the software will adjust response header fields after the server has generated them before sending. For example, you may wish to control caching more precisely this way.
  • Rewrite functions. Needless to say, it's possible to replicate Apache's URI rewrite commands. This goes a step further however and allows you to apply it to any element of the request or response. Crucially, it's a lot easier to implement (though full Regular Expression support allows a more traditional approach).
  • DoS Attack Protection. Built-in protection against DoS attacks is provided automatically. If you web servers have been vulnerable in the past this will provide an additional level of protection, and peace of mind for the future.
  • Browser based admin interface. Allows you to remotely setup or adjust the proxy as needed.
  • Password Option for Servers. If you need to restrict access to a particular webserver on your network.
  • Fast and Efficient. Very low memory overhead and minimal CPU load all wrapped up in under 300kb.

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