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Organiser Tool: at32 Manager Tree - Freeware!

at32 Manager Tree

Used internally over
a LAN @!

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A free download of a tiny applet which we use ourseles - every day. It may be amusingly simple to some - but we're baffled why Windows does not have this already built in.

Simple but Effective

The applet simply pops up a pane on the right hand side of your screen, and is essentially a tree structure. You can add new topics or simple text files (for making notes). In addition, via a right click pop-up menu you can access the appropriate topic's directory structure - and thus drop in additional files. Double clicking a document opens it.

In essence, it's simply a way of showing a file structure in a tree - and though this CAN be obtained with some effort through Windows (the old Windows 3.1 File Manager used this format) this is a much more pure and immediate way of working with a collection of notes spanning several projects.

We installed a shortcut to the application into the Windows Quick Launch toolbar - alongside the one-click buttons to IE and OE, etc.

If we want to add a note to a project, we simply click this - the pane pops up, we type out text note into the relevant document (which more often than not is a Notepad text file!) and then close it again. Because the program is only a few kb, it's all very immediate unlike some of the multi-mb organiser apps.

Over an office LAN of course you can share the projects folder and point each of the programs folder to the networked location by editing the INI file. Great for team work!

Small Download

at32 Manager Tree weighs in at a very unbloaty 117kb.


Simply unzip the compressed file using uncompression software such as Winzip.

License and Purchasing
[ Download at32 Manager Tree ] - 117kb
at32 Manager Tree is free to download, use and keep!