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Development Movements: Latest News

Current News

New Game! - 2nd February 2010

We are working on a new ground-breaking game, set for a mid-2010 release.

Previous News

Three Years of BATracer - 4th June 2009

BATracer - our flagship product for some years now - is now 3 years old and stronger than ever before. Recent additions have improved it's popularity and the game enjoys an even stronger and vibrant community than at any point in it's history. Here's to another 3 years!

BATracer: 100,000 Players! - 9th October 2008

Today BATracer - the free motor racing web game - powered through the 100,000 player mark. This exceeds all expectations when the product was initially released just two and a half years ago!

BATracer Advertising "Released" - 6th July 2008

Areas of the BATracer advertising inventory which were previously preserved have now been released. Some of these are in exclusive locations making them great investments. As usual, the spaces are "permanent" advertising meaning there are no monthly fees. For more information about availability check here.

BATracer in 2008 - 11th April 2008

Looking to enjoy it's most successfull year, BATracer currently has over 85,000 registered players and is at it's most busy since the websites launch.

BATracer Anniversary - 9th March 2007

BATracer celebrates its first year with the launch of 4 new carsets during February and March.

BATracer Growth - 25th August 2006

BATracer has now swolen to 30,000 users and is still growing.

BATracer Revival! - 9th March 2006

BATracer is now online again at

Buzzez Closed BETA - 9th March 2006

This program has now been dropped in favour of a more modern project. "ftlog" is the new "Buzzez", though neither are no longer commercial products and should be considered miscellaneous tools.

at32 Reverse Proxy - 9th March 2006

This program has now become Freeware.

BATracer Revival! - 11th February 2006

BATracer development has restarted, to permanantly bring the game back up online to at least the state it was originally in. The intention is then to add additional features and content as the userbase grows.

FirePaper Update - 21st December 2005

The trial version of at32 FirePaper has been updated. These changes are purely to the example schemes (because of the state of changing online resources) and does not effect registered users of the full version.

GUSTIS Takes Shape - 27th October 2005

GUSTIS, our TCP/IP engine is beginning to take shape. Earlier testing exposed a few weak points which have since been addressed and stress testing proved very positive. The engine will undergo further testing towards the end of Winter in preparation for deployment in a future title.

FirePaper v1.52 Released! - 28th May 2005

As promised, the latest version of at32 FirePaper has been released. New features include GIF support, easier way to refresh entities on startup, and an update to the example scheme. Existing users should have received an e-mail with details to download the free upgrade.

GIF's for FirePaper - 22nd May 2005

I am in the process of adding support for GIF's alongside the existing image file formats for at32 FirePaper. This is currently being tested in preparation for an update next week. Existing users will be able to download the new version free of charge!

at32 FirePaper - 2nd April 2005

Check out the new advanced wallpaper system! Like many of the products on this site, at32 FirePaper is unique amongst it's rivals.

Customer Login - 31st March 2005

Existing customers can now login to download the latest versions of their software automatically, or in the event of data loss.

Server Moved - 29th March 2005

We are now running this website on our own web server engine. Hopefully now the site should not suffer from the laggy performance and slow downloads experienced before.

Limited Offer - 11th January 2005

For a limited time you can get four shareware software titles for $40. (More Info)

Web Community System - 5th August 2004

System moves to Beta.

Web Community System - 11th June 2004

The system is now in Alpha testing, and performing well! We now expect this to move to a public-Beta around July or August following a move to new premises.

Registration Fees - 14th April 2004

The continued poor value of the dollar may force us to increase the software registration fees slightly within the next couple of months. We really hoped the situation would have improved by now but as this does not seem to be the case expect a (small) increase to compensate.

Current thinking is only around +$10 on Reverse Proxy and +$5 on the other products so not too bad I hope you will agree. Buy now if you're keen to avoid any increase.

Web Community System - 8th April 2004

Currently "on course" to enter alpha testing before May 1st.

Web Community System - 2nd February 2004

This revised project now has a fully working framework despite numerous delays (caused by one or two rewrites and our insistance to add extra features!). This application should now return to testing in the Spring followed by a full public release later in the Summer.

Links - 10th January 2004

Our links page has now grown quite considerably since we set it up... thanks to all those who submitted requests!

Web Community System - 16th September 2003

Our primary ongoing project has now expanded to include our latest addition: at32 Scripting - an internal mechanism to allow very powerful user interface customization in web applications.

BATracer - 5th August 2003

The Alpha development stage has ended. Thanks to all those that took part (nearly 1500 of you!), and look out for a future release. Existing participants will receive an e-mail when this is available.

BATracer - 28th May 2003

BATracer - a browser-based racing management game - has been uploaded as an Alpha build here - but be aware that it is of a very much unfinished state.

Download Servers - 15th April 2003

Some users were reporting problems downloading from our main site - this has been addressed and you now should have no trouble accessing the software from our list of mirrors.

BJBRserv - 29th March 2003

Users of BJBRserv can now enjoy a few extra features, most notably a batch mode for doing lengthy jobs, border and source delete operations.

Comedy Webcam Update - 15th March 2003

A small update to Comedy Webcam has been made (v1.02c), resolving several issues and streamlining many more.

BATracer - 7th March 2003

Some basic details about a forthcoming browser based free webgame are available. BATracer is our test application for our server technology.

at32 Reverse Proxy - 16th February 2003

Numerous changes have been made following feedback from users. The summary of the latest changes to this version of at32 Reverse Proxy can be found here. (v1.030.216)

at32 BusySheet - 23rd January 2003

A small bug possibly afflicting XP/2000/NT machines using BusySheet at startup has been fixed. (v1.02d)

at32 Reverse Proxy: Fix - 9th January 2003

Hi All,

There was a small bug in at32 Reverse Proxy that allowed you to setup a particular rule incorrectly that would crash the application the next time a request was made to the web server.

Sadly it seemed a number of individuals were effected even though the actual Reverse Proxy is very robust: specifically, a simple bug in the admin interface error checking was to blame.

The patched version simply makes it impossible for administrators to recreate the error that crashed the application.


at32 Reverse Proxy - 18th December 2002

If you want to run more than one web server application on a single machine, or run several web servers across a LAN but sharing a single IP - then at32 Reverse Proxy is just what you are looking for. Features various http header rewrite functions. We find this an invaluable tool!

Buzzez Community System - 21st September 2002

Just a quick note regarding the development of this product - it's now in the final development phase and is expected to be available in the new year. Don't worry if this page isn't updated so often - we're still here, just very busy! ;o)

HTTP support for at32 Comedy Webcam - 25th August 2002

Hi Guys,

I've added HTTP support to Comedy Webcam, so you no longer need access to an FTP server to get your webcam online - users simply access your webcam in their browser via a website address that the software provides you with.

Of course, you can still use FTP if you wish! If you have any questions - please get in touch!


at32 Comedy Webcam - 22nd August 2002

Proudly unveiling our ground-breaking webcam software, this is now available for download in both Free and Pro flavours!

Installers - 13th August 2002

We have now added auto-installer routines to both WebCraft and Wyn32 FTP, making it easier for you to get started. We still also offer the (smaller) downloads without the installer.

at32 Batch JPEG Branding Resizer - 5th August 2002
at32 BJBRserv

A pair of free applets for resizing images, one for an end-user role, the other for servers. Both support optional branding with a logo image and a number of other features.

Wyn32 FTP - 25th July 2002

Our first Wyn32 application, this FTP client is highly streamlined and supports a raft of features. Think you've seen all FTP clients under the sun? Wyn32 FTP shatters that theory!

at32 Webcraft - 8th June 2002

A useful HTML source editor with live split screen (or multi-monitor) page rendering. We had used regular text editors up until this point put now we use our very own Webcraft!

Buzzez SUS Prototype - 20th May 2002

Our second prototype is available for those on the BETA programme. This is not publicly downloadable, but testers and users can now register to show their support.

at32 BusySheet New Features - 14th March 2002

A handy set of new additions have been added to BusySheet. These include deadlines, reminders, hours worked counter and optional integration into your desktop wallpaper.

at32 BusySheet - 5th February 2002

A timesheet managment program which we use internally is now available for free download. We find it an invaluable tool!