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� at32,Wyn32 2002
@32 - Banishing Bloatware and Spyware!

Webcam Uploader: at32 Comedy Webcam
300kb, Freeware or $20 (approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros) for Pro Version
More than just webcam software, at32 Comedy Webcam comes with an array of 50+ powerful and amusing effects!
- The best effects line up seen yet!
Publish webcam output to the web, the software has a very small footprint and runs in the background - plus it's free!
[ at32 Comedy Webcam ]

Interactive Wallpaper: at32 FirePaper
277kb, $20 (approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros)
No other wallpaper software like it, at32 FirePaper offers informational displays from webpages, webcams and more.
- Indespensible - a must have
Turns your conventional wallpaper from something static into something functional, highly customizable and beautiful.
[ at32 FirePaper ]

Web Design: at32 Webcraft
356kb, Unrestricted Shareware, $20 (approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros)
Combines the raw editing skills of a text editor, with live rendering through an Internet Explorer based pane.
- Brilliant and original
Do you use Notepad or another text editor to build your pages? We did for years - until we made this!
[ at32 Webcraft ]

FTP Client: Wyn32 FTP
320kb, Unrestricted Shareware, $20 (approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros)
Silky-smooth FTP client streamline's your tasks making other FTP software redundant. Supports unlimited connections.
- Unique, fast and polished
A unique interface API powers our FTP client, making it easy to navigate, upload and download files spanning several folders.
[ Wyn32 FTP ]

Time Managment: at32 BusySheet
310kb, Unrestricted Shareware, $20 (approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros)
Easily log time spent on various projects or leisure time - study data over time to increase productivity. Customizable.
- Great interface, easy to use
Timesheet software for the easy recording of daily activity. We use this ourselves - great for increasing motivation!
[ at32 BusySheet ]

Server Tool: at32 Reverse Proxy - Freeware!
249kb, Free Download and License
Connect multiple web servers or server applications to a single Internet connection IP and/or Port.
- A reliable and essential tool
An invaluable download for webmasters who want to maximise the publishing potential of their Internet connection or server.
[ at32 Reverse Proxy ]

Graphics Tool: at32 Batch JPEG Branding Resizer - Freeware!
275kb, Free Download and License
A handy applet for processing large batches of images which you wish to be resized and/or branded with a logo.

This is a free client version of the server application.

A very simple but powerful tool - ideal for webmasters creating galleries, etc.. Functions include support for a logo of your choice including alpha blend, plus image shrinking (anti-aliased) or enlargement (bilinear upsize).

[ at32 Resizer ]

Server Tool: at32 BJBRserv - Freeware!
195kb, Free Download and License
Windows-based command line executable image tool ideal for use on servers. Supports smooth resizing and logo placement.

This software allows a webmaster to resize images live on their website (assuming you have competent knowledge in Perl, ASP, PHP or a similar language).

Click the link to for a full feature list. A separate stand-alone version suitable for more casual use is also available.
[ at32 BJBRserv ]