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Interactive Wallpaper: at32 FirePaper

at32 FirePaper

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Small Download (Version Info: v1.52 (050.528)

Like most at32 applications, at32 FirePaper is a small download - not bloatware and no spyware!

[ Download Now ] - 397kb


The software will install automatically. If you have any support questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

License and Purchasing

For at32 FirePaper I am trying something a little different - rather than put a fixed price on the program I have set a minimum value and then you can "donate" extra money if you think the program is worth it.
  • Buy at32 FirePaper @ $20
  • Buy at32 FirePaper @ $20 + $20 donation
  • Buy at32 FirePaper @ $20 + $40 donation
  • Buy at32 FirePaper @ $20 + $60 donation
  • Buy at32 FirePaper @ $20 + $80 donation

    ($20 = approx. �10.65 UKP or 15.20 Euros
  • Shareware development is a low income enterprise (at least in my experience!). If you decide to buy it, delivery is instant via e-mail.

    Although only Dollars, Euros and Pounds are shown, payment is accepted from almost all other countries too. The actual sum you pay will be dependant upon the exchange rate with US Dollars at the time of purchase - you will be shown the exact fee in your currency after you click the link.

    Please support the developers and their hard work by registering today!

    Payment and registration is handled securely by SWREG who handle tens of thousands of transactions a month. SWREG is the market leader in shareware registration solutions, and the longest established.

    Once registered you will receive an e-mail containing your unlock code a few moments later.

    We accept PayPal, Discover/Novus, Amex, Diners, Master Card, VISA, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, UK and US checks/cheques and USD wires against Proformas. Payment methods include:
  • Credit/Debit Card Online (secure)
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Pro Forma Invoice by Check/Cheque or Wire
  • US Check, UK Cheque
  • International Money Orders
  • PayPal