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Webcam Uploader: at32 Comedy Webcam

at32 Comedy Webcam

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Not all of the additional effects are shown here, just ones of worthy mention.


Does exactly what it says on the tin! May be useful if you're shy, or don't want to show a crystal clear image until you're good and ready...!

More Like This: Gaussian Blur, Blur Edges

Lattice Blur

A combination blur/scatter effect.

Motion Blur

Not a true motion blur, this will still give the impression of motion. Use the amplitude slider to control it's application strength.

Dusty Wind

With the combination of other effects and filters, can make an image look like a chalk drawing or other media.

Ghost Blur

Essentially turn off your cam but still display ghost-like "interlude" images.

The second image is a result of a ghost blur with a 50% alpha (via the amplitude slider). This can create the impression of extra depth.

More Like This: Ghost Blur Heavy


You should already have encountered this in an earlier chapter. With it and the adept use of other settings you can create some gloriously sharp images comparable to a quality still camera.

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Sharpen Emboss

An alternative method for sharpening images, this works best with a blurry input source (but not a bitty pixelated source, common with poorly lit indoor webcam scenes).

Old TV

Creates the impression that the cam has had it's best! Works best with larger images.

More Like This: Dying TV

Broken TV

This falls into a similar role of some of the blur effects, or can represent an interesting operator when the main attraction is an overlay image.


A regular emboss effect. This operates on each RGB channel, so the output has RGB elements after post processing. You may wish to use additional filters to apply a greyscale or colorize effects depending on your aims.

Bleed Edges

A dramatic effect, this can really grab attention. Adjust the amplitude slider so as not to over use it. Sometimes useful when used with other effects such as overlays, etc.

More Like This: Emboss Spectrum


A similar theory to bleed edges, this does without the tails of the above example and instead creates a sort of embossed effect without compromising the image by turning mostly grey. Produces pleasing results - try combining with other effects such as pixelate and other operations that create hard edges.

More Like This: Bumpy


Best used with caution, but great for those who want a webcam with an artistic slant! Best used in conjunction with the amplitude slider.

More Like This: Punk, Supernatural


More art, this one is one of the best of the scatter art effects. Again, use the amplitude slider to control it's strength and to maintain as much of the original image as is needed.

More Like This: Plasma


Quite washed out and mild relative to the others - this could well provide the backdrop for a lazy day theme.

More Like This: Insect


Hand drawn webcam images? Whatever next! Use other filters to represent other media.

This second image is the same filter but applied with 50% alpha (via the amplitude slider). This is quite an attractive end result bordering nicely between art and actual conveyance of the webcam scene.

More Like This: Find Edges

TV Lines

Makes the output image look as if it's came from a survelliance camera, works well with many scenes.

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