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Webcam Uploader: at32 Comedy Webcam

at32 Comedy Webcam

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If you have trouble publishing your webcam, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Publishing your webcam with HTTP
  • Right click on the video display and select Publish Webcam (HTTP).
  • If this is the first time you have selected this option, a window should appear showing you the addresses to your webcam - if not, select My HTTP Webcam from the right-click menu.
  • With the addresses on screen, click GO... next to either of the addresses. These should open your browser and display your webcam image.
  • The first address points to a webpage that automatically refreshs and shows your webcam image. You can edit this editing the \http\page.htm file if you wish.
  • The second address points directly to the webcam image. Note that viewers may have to click Refresh in their browser to get an updated version each time.

  • Other Issues to be aware of
  • When you turn on Publish Webcam (HTTP), this also enables the Run command. This will update the image output through web browsers every 30 seconds by default. If you want to change this frequency, go to Output - Image Options.
  • When you exit the program and restart, Publish Webcam (HTTP) will be enabled - but Run will not be. This allows you to control broadcast via the Run command - useful if you're publishing by other means or wish to publish on demand via the Snapshot function. To make Run turn itself on when Publish Webcam (HTTP) is, simply enable Run from Startup in the Output menu.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Note that each time you connect to the Internet the address may be different (depending upon your connection type). Connections with a dynamic-IP change each time you connect, static-IP's do not and stay the same. Typically, most dial-up connections (but not all) are dynamic, so you will need to reaccess the address menu to get your latest cam address.
  • If you are behind a LAN the addresses listed in the software may be for the local LAN addresses - this means users external to your LAN cannot see the webcam. To find out your actual Internet connection address (not your LAN address) select Start - Run from the Windows Start menu and type IPCONFIG.
  • If you're still having problems with your LAN - try running the webcam on the machine that actually connects to the Internet (not separate computers that are sharing the Internet connection).
  • Typically if you can see the webcam image in your browser, but other users cannot - you have have a firewall that is blocking the requests. Try turning this off to see if that is the problem - if it is, configure your firewall to allow http requests to be served over port 80.
  • If other users still cannot see your webcam image but you can, then this is likely to be a LAN problem again giving you the incorrect address to your webcam for external viewers. Use the command line IPCONFIG command as suggested above.

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