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Webcam Uploader: at32 Comedy Webcam

at32 Comedy Webcam

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If you have trouble uploading your webcam output to an FTP server, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Getting your webcam online with FTP

  • Go to Options - FTP Settings and tick "Enable FTP Uploading".
  • Enter your host. This is the FTP address of the FTP server, sometimes this is the same as the website address - but not always. Check with your ISP.
  • Enter the port number. This is almost always 21, so you shouldn't need to change this.
  • Enter the destination image filename. Normally you should be able to leave this as it is. e.g. "webcam.jpg". If your FTP server requires you goto a separate directory when you connect, you may need to includes this in the destination path too. Check with your ISP. If so - you may have to enter something like "mywebspace/webcam.jpg".
  • Enter your username and password for the FTP server. Sometimes this is your username and password for your ISP. You may be able to use anonymous logon details instead (e.g. enter "anonymous" as your username and your e-mail address as your password). But often servers do not support uploading in this mode, and rarely does it allow you to overwrite files which is what this program needs to do to refresh the image.
  • Once you have filled out this basic page, most people should be able to get their webcam online. Your ISP should have provided you with the http server's location that matches with the FTP server, so you will be able to use this to access the uploaded cam image.

    Optional Webcam Webpage

    The program can also create and upload a webpage for you containing the webcam image. Note that if you have not succesfully managed to get your webcam image uploaded, this will not "fix" that problem. Go back and read the previous section again. If you do have the camera image uploaded, follow the next instructions:

    From the FTP dialog, select the Webpage tab. You then need to fill out the destination path (this should be similar to the webcam image path - essentially the same but with a different extension).

    Next, enter the URL of the webcam image. You should know this if you completed the previous section okay, otherwise enter the webcam image filename on it's own (assuming they are both located in the same directory on the server).

    Finally, enter an optional page title and click upload.

    Advanced Options

  • Passive Mode - Full support for passive mode is provided.
  • Socks - Advanced options for if you are behind a firewall.
  • FTP to Temp File First - It is recommended that you tick this box. Doing so, will avoid the image becoming corrupt if the program is uploading a new image when somebody is accessing the file from the server at the exact same time. After changing this setting, please check that the upload process is still working to validate the FTP server supports this function.

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