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Webcam Uploader: at32 Comedy Webcam Free/Pro

at32 Comedy Webcam

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User Comments

This is a random collection of genuine unedited user comments from the post bag. Some of them make enlightening reading as to how Comedy Webcam has benefited users in different ways.


Just wanted to let you know that your webcam software is excellent. To be honest I was looking for a simple freeware uploader that was better than the Creative junk bundled with the camera. I found your software and was amazed!!! I must upgrade!!!

Thanks again for the great work!!!



Hey :) I'd just to give a huge thanks for your program at32 Comedy Webcam. I recently had a week long LAN party for my friends where I ran a webcam in the top corner of the garage using your program, and took a photo every 5 seconds with the Archive feature. At the end of the LAN party I had 120,000 nicely compressed images (came to about 3.5gig), which i then converted into one long DivX video. This basically gave us an entire video of the LAN, just in fast forward! After a lot of experimenting beforehand with webcam programs I found Comedy Webcam was the only one that really was able to simply archive images, and it had the bonus of title and date/time stamping so we can pinpoint exact events :) So yeah, thanks a lot, your program helped make my LAN party go from a happy memory to a full video :D Cheers.


Thanks, I wasn't really expecting support before I upgraded!



Firstly great software!

I'm a final year digital art student at the University of Hertfordshire, and just wanted to check if its acceptable to use the freeware version of 'comedy webcam' for my final project.

My project is a 'director 3D' role playing game (similar to resident evil style). I'm planning to use a webcam so the player can instantly put their face onto the 3D character within the game. I'll be using comedy webcam to store the images to my hard disk and to enhance the picture.

Note: We naturally replied with "Of course, go for it!".

May I say this is one of the best webcam programs I have found.


Congratulation on your program!



i set up a camera yesterday on a whim and was using the logitech webcam program. i let it run for five hours before i realized that it was sucking up all my cpu time dramatically, killing my other programs. so i set out looking for a program that would simply grab an image from my camera and save it to one of my hard disks where i was serving from, i didn't need a big program, just something simple. but nobody seemed to have one. they all either archived things, wanted to upload the image to some other system, etc etc. and they *all* sucked up cpu time and memory. the best one i could find was okay on cpu but everytime it took a picture it saved it in a little session memory which it didn't write to the drive, it stuck in ram. so if i let it run for several days, things would get nasty. finally i found your program, which claimed to not eat up memory like the others. it works beautifully. it's a great program, i can't come up with a single complaint. it's perfect on cpu and memory, and doesn't do any more or less than i ask it to do. thank you very much.


ps and priced at just 20 dollars, it's a great price too.