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Time Managment: at32 BusySheet

at32 BusySheet

Easy timesheet interface
and colour coded items

Full graphing functionality

Reminders (now also a
separate deadline system)

Hours worked calculator
displayed on desktop wallpaper
(no performance penalty)

[ Free Download | Register | Release Notes ]

This personal time sheet and task managment software started out as a tool that we used internally, but as we added an increasing number of features we found it may have wider appeal to some individuals or small companies.

The core part of the program is based around a colorful table of the month, with a separate row for each day, and color-coded bars being used to record time spent on individual tasks. Times can easily be added and dragged about.

Increase Productivity

As time progresses and you build up a profile of your working patterns, areas will appear where you may find you can improve your working strategy.

Self employed contractors may well appreciate the ability to set a minimum number of working hours a day to try to achieve over the course of a week.

Employers on the other hand may wish to investigate their employees work inputs in a similar manner.

Record your Performance

The system is quite flexible, and also supports a "scoring" system - useful for recording fatigue or other variables. Time spent on tasks, and score values can later be graphed and plotted against one another for comparison.

Some observers may question the value of this type of software - but to the individual or team looking to achieve maximum effort and maintain motivation across a project the software may well prove priceless - after all, this is why it is installed on all our PC's!

Always Present

The software can be added to your Windows startup folder and will happily live quietly on the system tray. This makes it perfect to double up as a reminder and alarms system.

Extra goodies include recording of the durations in which a PC is turned on for per day, or is connected to the Internet. For the curious - this makes for an interesting graph to study!

Wallpaper Integration

Another neat touch is the display of deadlines and "hours of work remaining this week" optionally on your desktop's wallpaper.

Because you regular view your desktop during a typical PC working day, you are regular aware of the countdown to a particular deadline, or how hard you need to work for the rest of the week. All this is fully customizable.

Other Uses

Some of our users even use the software to log their entire time spent on any task - be it eating, sleeping, watching television, socialising or taking part in exercise.

Clearly, if you think you are becoming a couch potato or perhaps are not spending so much time with your friends anymore - you can check your logs to find out!

  • Record time spent on any task to analyse and increase productivity, handled easily with draggable color coded bars
  • Customize the individual categories
  • Record individual customizable scoring points - useful and flexible enough to handle a variety of tasks
  • Graph your data over a period of days, weeks, months or years - and modify the sample rate to spot trends
  • Obtain a summary of hours spent on tasks and sub-tasks as you mouse-over a particular day
  • Record reminders to operate as an alarm - can be set to repeat at regular intervals
  • Record PC usage and Internet usage, then either graph or display on your timesheet
  • Store deadlines, and the number of days remaining (or passed!) until they arrive
  • Option to store deadlines on your desktop wallpaper so they are always visible
  • Additional wallpaper function which shows a breakdown of the number of hours left to work (or play!) a week, and the average number of hours you should be working a day to meet that figure based on hours invested so far
  • If you have an ISP that disconnects you after a set number of hours (typically flat-rate dial-up connections), then you will welcome the alert warning function to give you an advance notice
  • Attractive interface with the facility to have a custom background for each month of the year
  • [ Free Download | Register ]

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