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at32,Wyn32 2002
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Graphics Tool: at32 BJBRserv - Freeware!

at32 BJBRserv

Implement powerful gallery
functions on your site!

[ Download ] (current release v1.1a)

This is the server version of the Batch JPEG Branding Resizer. It has the same feature set as the user version, except for batch processing (typically one assumes the developer calling the executable will want to control this themselves).

This software is free, though unlike the user version a tiny "at32" rectangle and text is applied to the bottom left hand corner of all images. This should be acceptable for most developers, though if you wish to be removed you can do so by paying a small fee.


This software is for Windows based servers only. It should be fine on Windows NT/2000/XP Pro. It has also been tested on Windows 9x/Me.


  • Treats JPEG and JPG images.
  • Smooth anti-aliasing when shrinking images.
  • Smooth bilinear filter when enlarging images (avoids blocky images).
  • Choose to maintain aspect ratio or use resize to a precise resolution.
  • Apply a logo, and select it's relative position.
  • Transparency option for logo (not limited to rectangular logos).
  • Choose a logo alpha setting allowing for an attractive transulcent effect.
  • Determine the quality setting of JPEG's output from the program.
  • Very fast processing.
  • Free! *

  • Features Added in v1.1

  • Batch processing: treat several files with one call to the executable. Ideal in server environments where you need to create thumbnails and larger images all from the same source.
  • Support for simple borders.
  • Delete the source file - if using in a server environment you no longer have to worry about doing this manually whilst waiting for the file operation to complete.

  • Small Download

    at32 BJBRserv weighs in at a very unbloaty 195kb.


    Simply unzip the compressed file using uncompression software such as Winzip.

    License and Purchasing
    [ Download at32 BJBRserv ] - 196kb
    * at32 Text Removal

    The software is free to use without restriction, however - a tiny piece of text (reading "at32") is added to each image output from the executable (except for small images, such as thumbnails).

    This should be acceptable for most developers, but if you wish to have it removed you can do so by paying a small fee of $20 (10UKP or about 15 Euros).

    [ Register to Remove Text ]

    You will then be provided by e-mail with a version that allows you to disable the at32 text.

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