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Information: About at32 and Wyn32


We are a youthful, dynamic and exciting team of developers based in the United Kingdom, writing a variety of applications for all corners of the IT industry - from development to leisure software.

Skills include web development, software engineering, 2d and 3d graphics skills, game development.

The team consists of a full time at32 developer and additional contribuitors, plus an army of testers.

Global Interests

Our shareware software is aimed at the global market, be it the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Asia or beyond.

Partnering with SWREG is a key part of our strategy in meeting this aim.


We aim for all our software to have the following traits:
  • Unique - All our software should have at least one innovative aspect to it.
  • Lean - Often baffled by why a relativly simple program should be a several Mb download with rival developers - all our software is kept tight through experienced and optimal well thought out code.
  • Fast - Why wait? With computer game development experience we develop fast routines by default!
  • No-gimmicks - We use all our own software day to day, be it web development with WebCraft - or BusySheet for internal managment.
  • No-spyware - We will never use this deeply unpopular license method in our distributed programs.
  • Experienced Developers

    As well as developing our own software, our team members clients in the past have included or involved in some way some big names including: games publishers, track day leisure companies, automotive clients - and on one occasion a Formula One racing team.

    You can contact us by clicking here:
    [ Contact at32 ]
    We will attempt to respond to all our correspondance within 24 hours.


    If you represent a magazine contacting us for permission to place one of our products on a cover-mounted magazine CD/DVD (or other media) then you will be pleased to know that any of the products or utilities available to download on this site are freely available for this purpose without the need for prior permission.

    If your publisher requires a specific author declaration not covered by the above please contact us.